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Travel all over Germany for 9 euro

26.05.2022 1150

9€-Ticket – it is the only ticket for the month in Germany, all modes of transport from the first of June to the end of summer.

From the first of June until the end of summer, it will be possible to travel throughout Germany for 9 euros per month.
The decision was finally voted at all levels and promotional tickets are already on sale. For nine euros a month, everyone can use public transport, regional trains throughout Germany, regardless of where you bought the ticket.
The exception is high-speed long-distance trains – everything remains unchanged there and with standard prices.

When it works?

From June 1 to August 31, 2022 until 24:00, three summer months of June, July, August. And from September 1, the regular tariff will be in effect. You can buy a three-month travel card for 27 euros. A personalized ticket, you need to write your name on the ticket like on a passport, so you cannot transfer the ticket to another person.

9€-Ticket can be bought by anyone in Germany, both local residents and temporarily displaced Ukrainians, or even tourists.


Where could I buy?

At any Deutsche Bahn transport ticket vending machines, transport ticket offices, transport company customer service centers, online at or on the websites of regional transport companies, as well as VGN, DB Navigator, etc.

Where does it work?

All over Germany, in any transport (trams, regular buses, subway, S-Bahn and regional trains (2nd class)), except for high-speed long-distance trains (IC, ICE, EC, Flixtrain).

The ticket is valid throughout Germany and does not matter where you bought it. It can also be used for travel between cities, such as from Munich to Nuremberg.



Children under 6 years free with parents. From 6 years old you need your own ticket for 9 euros.



→ The ticket must be activated before getting on the transport, from now on it will be valid. Exception purchased tickets in the mobile application.
→ This ticket is for a month, regardless of the activation date, it can be the beginning or the end of the month, you still need to buy a new ticket every summer month.
→ You can activate it at each station in the machine before you get on the transport.
→ Please note that this ticket does not apply to bicycles and you need to buy an additional Fahrradticket
→ If you have an annual subscriber, then in the summer months you will be charged 9 euros.

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