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Kyiv. St. Alexander’s Cathedral

25.06.2022 41

St. Alexander’s Catholic Cathedral in Kyiv on Kostyolna Street.

The cathedral was built in 1842. This is one of the two Roman Catholic churches in Kyiv of the 19th century.

Київ. Собор Святого Олександра
The initiator of the construction of the church in 1814 was Count Potocki, who received permission and land for construction from the Kyiv city authorities. There was not enough money for construction all the time, but in 1835 the church was saved thanks to the landowner Antoni Savitsky, who promised to allocate money for the completion of the church.

Interesting facts related to the cathedral:

Київ. Собор Святого Олександра
In 1879, the world-famous future artist Kazimir Malevich was baptized in the Church of Alexandria, and in 2001 Pope John Paul II visited the church during his visit to Kyiv.


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