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Car rental in Germany. Rental experience in Memmingen.

05.11.2021 210

Our car rental experience in Memmingen, Germany.

We have experience in renting a car in different countries, but in Germany we are renting for the first time, therefore, we will tell you how it is to be a beginner and touch on the following questions:

  • What you need to rent.
  • Where and how to look for a car rental company.
  • What are the important nuances to pay attention to when renting a car.
  • Car rental at Memmingen airport. Personal experience, rental guide.
  • Guide to booking for DiscoverCars.
  • You have returned your car and there is still time to look around before leaving.


What you need to rent.

  1. The permissible age of the driver, depending on the rental company, may differ, for example, in the conditions of our rental company, the minimum age of the renter was indicated 18 years for cars of the economy, compact, mini group. The minimum age of the renter is 21 years old for standard, medium, full-size vehicles in the group. For young drivers under 23 years old, they can increase the rental price or block an additional deposit on the card. The same situation is, perhaps, with older drivers, the maximum driver’s age is up to 75 years.
  2. Minimum driving experience, economy, compact, mini vehicles require a driver’s license valid for at least 1 year, and standard, medium, full-size vehicles require a driver’s license valid for at least 3 years.
  3. Driver’s license. It is always written in the conditions that in addition to the national driving license, it is necessary to have an international license for third countries. But in practice, national plastic rights are suitable, the main condition must be duplicated in the Latin alphabet the surname and first name of the driver.
  4. A credit card is needed to pay for the service and block the deposit for the car rental period. Please note the card must be a Credit MasterCard or Visa Credit, personalized (with your name and surname stamped on the card), cards are accepted only which are in the name of the main driver in the agreement. Also, there should not be a Debet inscription on the card, although some rental companies already accept debit cards, especially if you have full insurance. Also, the main thing is to make sure that you have the required amount for the deposit, otherwise you will simply be refused a lease.
  5. In addition to the above, you may also be asked for a passport.

Be sure to carefully read the rental conditions before booking!

Where and how to look for a car rental company.

First of all, we use aggregators to find the best rental deals and book a car in advance via the Internet, it will always be cheaper.
I use these two sites to search:

DiscoverCars WW

Economybookings Many GEO's

On these sites, you can also include international insurance with a zero deductible in the rental price, the cost of which is much lower than insurance issued by the rental company itself.

Аренда авто Германия
For Germany, I use the price in euros, it’s easier to compare and understand the real cost for rent and additional services, since when converting it may show the incorrect amount of the reservation. You can pay by credit card in your local currency.

What are the important nuances to pay attention to when renting a car?

  • Insurance, as I said before, we prefer car insurance with a zero deductible. In our case, when booking a car on the website DiscoverCars, сinsurance with a zero deductible and full coverage of the insured event up to EUR 3000, cost EUR 44,52. for the entire car rental period. I would recommend always insuring your car. Just like a trip from accidents and illnesses of the whole family, it is not expensive, and in which case it solves a lot of problems.
  • Please note that distributors often set a limit on the car’s mileage per day, or, as a rule, the total mileage of the car for the entire rental period is indicated. We had indicated a mileage of 1700 km per week, before renting, GoogleMaps I calculated the approximate mileage that we were facing and already understood that this mileage was enough for us. But if you exceed this limit, then you may be charged an additional fee for extra kilometers, from Keddy, it was 0,41 cents per km.
  • Departure outside Germany. Car rental companies always require a warning about leaving the country and charge an additional fee for this. For example, at Keddy (a subsidiary of Europcar) at Memmingen airport, we were charged an additional 18 euros for traveling to Switzerland. This is a fixed amount for this service, regardless of the number of days you spend outside Germany. Yes, one can argue that why pay an additional EUR 18 , since the rental company will not find out that you have left the country, there are no borders in the European Union. But if something happens to you, or later there are fines from another country, there will be much more problems than these EUR 18.
  • A full tank of fuel, in European countries, as a rule, you receive a car with a full tank and must return it with a full tank, or with the amount with which you took the car. This is the coolest scheme, when you fill up a full tank before renting a car and there are no surpluses or problems. But if this is not done, the company will deduct the amount for fuel from your deposit and it will be more expensive than refueling yourself.

Car rental at Memmingen airport. Personal experience, rental guide.

When choosing a car, we stopped at the site DiscoverCars and rental company Keddy is a kind of low-cost company Europcar.

Booked economy class VW Polo for 7 days with mileage for the entire trip up to 1700 km. With insurance covering all risks in the amount of EUR 3,000 directly from DiscoverCars. It works like this, if something happens, you pay the rental company all the costs, and then DiscoverCars will compensate you for this. There are many positive reviews on the Internet for this scheme and DiscoverCars does cover insurance costs, but to our delight, we have not tested that.

For everything we were billed for EUR 246,05 , so with full insurance it came out  EUR 35 per day. Immediately it was necessary to make an advance payment DiscoverCars EUR 62,84 and the rest upon arrival at Keddy. I also want to note that in DiscoverCars good cancellation policy with a refund, you can return 100% of the amount in 2 days or on the day of booking before receiving the car, the amount minus insurance, we would have it would be only EUR 44,52.

Аренда авто Германия
Yes, one more nuance, we booked the car from 10 am and had to return the same at 10 am. We arrived at 8.15 and went through passport control pretty quickly and were already at the rental company’s counter by 9, we were immediately told that we were early, although we were given a car and warned that we would still have to hand over the car no later than 10 in the morning.

Upon arrival in Memmingen, you need to leave the terminal on the square in front of the small airport and go to the other side of the road and there you can see small buildings with the names of different rental companies. Since Keddy, a subsidiary of Europcar, received the car at the Europcar counter and you need to look for it, not Keddy. Since we had a reservation, the receipt of the car went very quickly.

Аренда авто Германия

  1. Office where you need to get the keys
  2. A box where you need to throw the keys when you return the car to the parking lot
  3. The parking lot where they took the car

Аренда авто Германия
The only thing we were given was not a VW Polo, but an Opel Corsa with a range of 19 thousand km. It was not important for us, and we immediately agreed. Of the additional nuances, since we were planning to go to Switzerland, we warned about this and we calculated an additional payment of EUR 18, so the total rental amount was EUR 264,05 or EUR 37 per day. Well, the most important and painful nuance is a deposit, according to the terms of the rental company, this amount is withdrawn from your credit card, for us it amounted to EUR 800, although initially the contract had an amount of almost EUR 1000. Upon arrival back, after checking the car and, if there are no comments on the car, a full tank of fuel and fines, you will be refunded the deposit. The deposit was returned to us on the 5th day.

Аренда авто Германия

Opel Corsa turned out to be economical and comfortable, I was very pleased with Android Auto, to which I connected my mobile phone without any problems and used my GoogleMaps, the presence of adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, a rear view camera, etc. We drove on one tank for a week, which is 860 km. We mainly drove around Switzerland, on the way back we refueled in Austria as there was the cheapest A98. Before renting the car in Memmingen, literally 4 liters were refueled, which would show a 100% filled tank. There are no gas stations near the airport, leave the card, where we refueled near the airport.

Аренда авто Германия
To return the car, just throw the keys into the box, not far from the parking lot and that’s it, you don’t need to go to hand over the keys, stand in line, wait, etc., the keys came, threw them away and flew away.

Аренда авто Германия
Two hours later, we received a report on the acceptance of the car in the mail, which indicated whether there were any damages and the tank was full, we did not have any problems.

Аренда авто Германия

DiscoverCars booking guide.

Online booking procedure DiscoverCars not difficult.
We indicate the desired city, rental dates and time of car pick-up and drop-off. The program will generate offers for different classes of cars and rental companies.

Аренда авто в Германии
After you decide on the car and click the “next” button, at the next stage you can choose insurance, you must tick “yes, I want to insure” and then select additional options, for example, add a child seat, add another driver, etc.

Аренда авто Германия
after choosing additional options and information about the policy of leaving the car outside Germany, it is necessary to enter the data about the driver

Аренда авто Германия
After filling in the driver’s data, go to the next item payment, advance payment.

Аренда авто Германия
Then you can download the rental voucher on the website and a complete guide to the voucher will be sent to you by mail.

Аренда авто Германия

You have handed over the car, and before departure there is still time to see nearby.

If you need to return the car in the morning, and you have a flight in the afternoon and do not want to pay for another full day of rental, then you can see the old part of Memmingen in 2-3 hours. There are very beautiful old streets with colorful interesting houses, squares and museums. You can familiarize yourself with the city in detail in our article “Memmingen in three hours to see.“.


It is easy to get from the Allgau-Airport Memmingen to the city of Memmingen by bus, the cost of an adult fare is 3.5 euros one way and 2.6 euros for children. The bus runs on schedule, detailed in the article “How to get from Allgau airport, Memmingen to city center and railway station.”.

For early departures or late arrivals, you can stay at one of the hotels or hostels in Memmingen. Most hotels offer online check-in and check-in to hotels using a specially sent key.

There are several hotels near the airport, within a radius of one kilometer:
Bergers Airporthotel Memmingen, a double room will cost EUR 100, online check-in, free parking, free Wi-Fi.

FMM Hostel, a double room will cost EUR 55, and a triple room will cost 74 euros, online check-in, around the clock, no parking, free Wi-Fi.

Hotel Falken, a double room will cost EUR 125, breakfast is included, there is parking for an additional charge of EUR 6 per day, free Wi-Fi, check-in until 20:30.

JG City Hotel Memmingen, a double room will cost EUR 95, online check-in, around the clock, there is parking for an additional fee, free Wi-Fi, 4 km from the airport.

Where to stay

To see more housing offers, we recommend adjusting the scale of the map to your device. Hover over the price rectangle to get information about the apartment, and click to go to the reservation.

Where is

Сервіси, якими ми користуємося, коли плануємо подорож - Самый большой сервис поиска отелей. Скидки 10%  - 15%.

Hotline.Finance – Онлайн-сервіс страхування подорожей, зелена картка "green card", ОСАЦВ, КАСКО, страхування майна. Знижки до 25%. Наш досвід страхування.

Viator - Замовити екскурсії від місцевих гідів.

DiscoverCars – Сайт з високим рівнем відгуків клієнтів для порівняню прокату автомобілів. Наш досвід оренди авто.


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