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Transport in Vilnius

06.06.2019 63

Вильнюс, транспорт в Вильнюсе, как добраться из аэропорта в город, советы.

Perhaps the best thing about Vilnius is that the use of public transport is minimal. Most places can be easily reached on foot.

From the airport to the city, you have several options at your disposal:

train, cost 0.7€, it will take up to about 15 min. Train timetables can be found on the website,

bus, cost 1€. Bus number 1 can take you to the railway station, and bus number 2 will take you to the central part of the city. Routes and timetables can be found on the website.

A single ticket for a bus or trolleybus can be bought from the driver, it costs 1€.

It is also possible to purchase a Vilniecio kortele card for 30 or 60 minutes. or multi-day tickets. This will be beneficial for those who plan to travel a lot and make transfers on different modes of transport. You can learn more at website.

⇒ and of course taxis. Uber works great in Vilnius. The cost from the airport to the train station is up to 5 €, within the city center up to 3 €.

I would also like to advise a very interesting option for renting a CityBee car for any period of time. The peculiarity of the service is that the cars are scattered throughout the city. You can find cars using the CityBee application website and you do not need to pay for gasoline, insurance and parking.

Личный опыт приобретения онлайн-страхования для поездки. 

Tip: before your trip, download the Trafi app website , which will help you see the transport schedule, get directions, find a CityBee car, etc.


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