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Hola Prystanʹ

15.03.2021 143 Comments

Gola Pier is famous for the healing properties of the salt lake.

The place on the banks of the Konka River, from which the Cossacks crossed the Dnieper, was called Goly Perevoz. And in 1709 a village appeared here – Gola Prystan.

Burial mounds of bronze and copper pores, as well as the remains of a Scythian-Sarmatian settlement were found on the territory of Gola Pristan. It is also known that in the first quarter of the XVIII century, in the tract near the future settlement, the Cossacks of Oleshkiv Sich built their boats. From here they went fishing to the Dnieper estuary, carrying salt from salt mines.
Due to the uniqueness of its location at the confluence of the tributaries of the three rivers Konka, Chaika and Dnieper, Gola Pier is considered one of the three European pearls.

In 1868 a pier was built to provide intensive freight traffic. Transported: salt, grain, watermelons, wool and more. And now Gola Prystan has its own passenger and cargo ports.

Bare Pier is also famous for the healing properties of the salt lake. Sodium chloride-salt salt has the following chemical composition: chlorides, carbonates, bicarbonates, iron, sulfur, potassium, bromine, iodine, magnesium, etc.

Therapeutic muds have anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects, accelerate regenerative processes, improve blood circulation, metabolic processes in the body, have a regulatory effect on the state of the central nervous system, increase the protective functions of the human body.

In June 1889, a temporary small mud hospital was opened on Lake Solyane, on the basis of which the Gopri sanatorium has now grown.

Holy Spirit Church

Гола Пристань
Ethno-festival “Bathing Stars” is held
The unsurpassed beauty and poeticism of ancient folk traditions, the magic of action on the night of Ivan Kupala have been gathering his admirers in Goly Pristan for 15 years. This holiday is the basis of the grandiose All-Ukrainian charity festival of folk art “Kupalsky Zori”, which was held with great success for the first time in 2003.

Sweet Miracle Festival

And what vivid impressions are left from tasting watermelons and melons! Real academics cut them continuously, and beautiful Ukrainian girls in folk costumes treat everyone present with pieces of “sweet miracle”. Without hiding the pleasure, everyone tries melons and watermelons. After all, not every day you can get a piece of watermelon from the hands of an academician.

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