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How to get from Memmingen Airport to Munich

20.01.2022 125

Three ways to get to Munich, cost, tips.

Many people use Allgau Airport Memmingen to continue their journey to Munich or even to Austria and Switzerland.

We also have travel experience from Memmingen to rented car to Austria and Switzerland. We will definitely tell you about this, and now we want to share several options for getting from Memmingen Airport to Munich.


There are three ways to get to Munich:

  • rented car
  • bus
  • train

Car rental in Memmingen.

The rental car desks are located outside the airport, you need to exit the terminal to the square in front of the airport and go to the other side of the road and there you will see a small building with the names of different rental companies. How to rent a car at Memmingen Airport, we have already told in detail, you can read here. This method is very popular at this airport, so I advise you to book a car ahead of time.

Аренда авто Германия
If you have a late/early flight and would like to rest before continuing your journey to Munich, there are several budget hotels near the airport.

Bergers Airporthotel Memmingen, a double room will cost 100 euros, online registration, free parking, free Wi-Fi.

FMM Hostel, a double room will cost 55 euros, and a triple room 74 euros, online registration, around the clock, no parking, free Wi-Fi.

Also, 4 km from the airport, drive to the city of Memmingen and book a hotel. We have prepared a selection of hotels based on reviews. “Hotels in Memmingen, the best for tourists.“.

Bus Allgäu Airport Express.

At the airport exit, just as you left the airport building, there is the Allgäu Airport Express bus stop. Buses run every day, the schedule can be found on site. The schedule may change depending on the aircraft schedule. If you change the time of your flight, there is a free opportunity to change tickets.

Bus tickets can be bought from the driver or online. If you buy from the driver, the ticket price for an adult will be 20 euros one way, and for a child from 3 to 12 years old 10 euros. If you buy tickets online, it will be more profitable for an adult 9.90 euros (the site shows the old price of 15 euros, but when buying a ticket the price is still 9.90 euros), children 8 euros. Also, for bulky luggage you will have to pay an additional 5 euros. Tickets online here. You can buy online no later than one hour before departure. Travel time is 1 hour 20 minutes.
Allgäu Airport Express bus stop at Munich Seidlstrasse 3a, 80335 Munich.

The company also offers a private transfer from Memmingen Airport to Munich. If you are a company or you make friends with other passengers on the plane, you can rent a minibus for 8 people. You must order a transfer after three working days.


Train to Memmingen – Munich

To use this type of transport, you will need to transfer from the airport, by bus, 4 km to the railway station directly to the city of Memmingen. How to get there and how much it costs, we described in detail in the article. “How to get from Allgau airport, Memmingen to city center and railway station.“. Travel time 10 minutes, the bus stops directly at the train station.

ЖД вокзал Мемминген
Then you take the train Memmingen – Munich. Train timetables and online ticket purchases at site. One-way fare from 23 euros. Travel time 1 hour 04 minutes.

Remember to comply with the restrictions associated with the coronavirus epidemic, for example, the FFP2 mask is mandatory.

Where to stay in Munich

In order to see more housing offers, we recommend that you adjust the map scale to your device. Hover over the price box for information about the accommodation and click to go to the booking.

Where is

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