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Memmingen for three hours to see.

12.11.2021 1168 Comments

Memmingen is beautiful and worth seeing, and here you can also eat delicious food and drink German beer.

Memmingen is an independent city from the region, located in the federal state of Bavaria. A little more than 43 thousand people live in Memmingen. The local slogan is “Memmingen – the city of prospects” and the first impression is that it is such a small, but quite promising city.

4 km from Memmingen in the suburbs of the village of Memmingerberg, there is a small airport Allgau Airport Memmingen, from which a bus runs to the Memmingen railway station, connecting Munich and Lindau, as well as Ulm – Oberstdorf. And next to the city there is an important intersection of the A7 and A95 autobahns. All these factors make Memmingen popular and make it possible to travel not only in the German state of Bavaria, but also to easily reach Austria and Switzerland.

Be sure to watch our video about Memmingen ⇓

Many people use Memmingen only for transit and do not pay attention to the city at all, but we can definitely advise you to take at least a couple of hours to explore. Memmingen can be used not only as a transit hub, but also to take a break from the road, especially if you arrive late. There are about 30 hotels in the city and suburbs of Memmingen. You can familiarize yourself with all hotels in Memmingen here, or check out our overview of the top-rated hotels from travelers.

We flew to Memmingen at 8 am, we already had a booked car in which we planned to go further to Switzerland. Our car rental experience in the article «Car rental in Germany. Rental experience in Memmingen.». The main goal for this day was to get to the city of Lucerne, Switzerland, and on the way to have time to see two castles in Liechtenstein, well, due to the restrictions on COVID-19, we were not sure what the nuances at the borders could be, are there where there are posts, they are checking, or it was still possible to freely cross the border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland without stopping anywhere. Therefore, there was no time for Memmingen at all, but we promised ourselves that we would definitely watch it on the last day of our trip, when we return from Switzerland to Memmingen to fly home.
And we did it, on the last day of our trip we returned to Memmingen at nine o’clock in the morning, left the car at the airport and went to see the city. How to get from the airport to the city, in the article «How to get from Allgau airport, Memmingen to city center and railway station.».

Аэропорт Мемминген
It took us 3 hours to take a leisurely stroll through the old town, have coffee and sandwiches and return to our flight to the airport. Immediately advice, before leaving the station, check the bus schedule in order to plan your time for a walk, from the old part of the city to the station, approximately walk 5-10 minutes.

ЖД вокзал Мемминген

What to see in Memmingen.

Our walk through the city fell on a Saturday when the entire center was closed due to a fair. On the one hand, it is not convenient to see and photograph everything, but on the other, it is quite interesting to get to the local fair.


Therefore, we start from the main square of the old city (Altstadt Memmingen), Market Square (Marktplatz), where the Rathaus Memmingen is located, and next to it is the medieval administrative building Steuerhaus and the Great Guild building (Großzunft).

Further from the Market Square from one of the streets you can see the 65-meter tower of the Evangelical Church of St. Martin (Evang.-Luth. Kirche St. Martin). In 2014-2017, the church was completely renovated. In 2019, Gaulle’s organ was completely cleaned. It is also possible to climb the tower, but unfortunately this is only possible during the summer months. The tower depicts the head of the king, symbolizing Saint Hildegard (Hildegard of Bingen, also known as Saint Hildegard – German polymath, artist and mentor)


On the way to the church, on the right side there will be a museum dedicated to the history and German culture of the Sudetes and the development of the Teutonic Order in particular in Freudenthal (Heimatmuseum Freudenthal / Altvater). And further along the street you can see the Main Western Gate of the city (Westertor).


Another Schrannenplatz square, here is the Fisherman’s Fountain (Fischerbrunnen) is a symbol of the “Fishermen’s Day” – a festival with a long tradition, which is still celebrated in July every year. In different directions from the Schrannenplatz square, there are streets, where there are many interesting and beautiful buildings with their own history.

The Seven Roofs House (Siebendächerhaus) is a former leather house.


Theater Landestheater Schwaben in the 19th century, buildings on the site of the former monastery of Elsbethen were converted into a theater.


The Evangelical Parish Church of Our Women or “Frauenkirche” (Unser Frauen).

The church is best known for its well-preserved 15th century frescoes, the Mariana fresco. When they entered the church, the organ was playing, the first organ donated by Hans Felin around 1487, the present organ was built in 1929 by the Steinmeyer company from Oettingen. There is a statue of a unicorn near the church.


Kempter Tor, of all the gates of the city, only Kempter Tor has retained its original shape.


The gate (Der Einlaß) is on the eastern side of the so-called Ulmer Vorstadt near the beggar’s tower.


The dovetail tower (Schwalbenschwanzturm) is a former circular defensive tower made of bricks.
Ulmer Tor, a modern mural depicts a clock and an imperial eagle on the north side. The inner side shows the entrance of Maximilian I and his entourage in 1489.


The Memminger Parishaus, a spacious Baroque palace, was built in 1735 by merchant Anton Friedrich Paris who moved from Wismar and furnished in the exquisite taste of his time.

And finally, you can stroll along the narrow, picturesque streets along the small river Stadtbach, which divides the city in half.

Parking in Memmingen.

Parking map, cost, hours of operation.

Мемминген парковка
If you are still in a car, then you need to put it somewhere while walking around the city. We do not recommend leaving the car anywhere, be sure when you return from a walk you will have a fine on your windshield. Therefore, there are several paid parking lots in the city center.
We draw your attention to the maximum time spent in the parking lot, in the center it is usually up to 2 hours, the cost of an hour is 1 euro, the minimum time is 30 minutes – 50 cents, and outside working hours it is free. The machines for paying for the parking only accept coins, please take care of this in advance. What to do if you have planned a walk for more than two hours, here you can build your route so that in two hours you pass the parking lot and just move the car to another place, just extending the payment is not enough.


Eat and drink in Memmingen.

Many people like us prefer local cuisine, there are several such establishments in the city center where you can taste Bavarian and Swabian cuisine and drink local beer.


  • Zur Blauen Traube (To blue grapes) Recommended restaurant dishes:
    – Allgäu-Trio traditional dishes from the Allgäu region – a combination of Kässpatzen (hot spazle and grated cheese), Krautkrapfen (cabbage pasta and Swabian cabbage donuts) and Maultaschen (a kind of large dumplings with meat), served with salad.
    – Roastbeef Allgäu (Uruguayan roast beef with homemade spazle and fried onions).
    – Schweinshaxe mit (pork knuckle with homemade dumplings and dark beer sauce)
    In order not to offend the owners, do not order well-known brands of beer, but choose something unfamiliar. The price for main courses on the menu is from 8 to 43 euros.
  • Wirtshaus zum Hoigata (Tavern to Hoigati), not far from the train station, and local rustic cuisine. Recommended restaurant dishes:
    – Schnitzel “Wiener Art” is one of the most famous dishes of Viennese cuisine served with potatoes.
    – Cordon Bleu (chicken rolls) is offered with different fillings with ham and cheese, with spicy salami, chili and jalapeno cheese, with Black Forest ham, mountain cheese and pear, Black Forest ham and Camembert, served with cranberries and fried potatoes with all dishes.
    – Fladen (tortillas) are served with different fillings.
    – Fassbier (draft beer) Storchen Export, Storchen Dunkel, Weiß-Storch
    The price for main dishes on the menu is from 8 to 28 euros.
  • Klösterle (Klesterle), a restaurant with a long history, first mentioned in 1490, when the widow Elisabeth Laugingerin founded the house for the soul sisters, and in July 1998 the new owners Renate Zach and chef Jürgen Mücke opened the German cuisine restaurant Wirtshaus Klösterle after a major repair. Highly rated restaurant serving delicious, gourmet food, special recommendation to try Kama and a cup of espresso.

Where to stay in Memmingen.

Hotels near the airport, within a radius of one kilometer and in the city center.

  • Bergers Airporthotel Memmingen, a double room will cost EUR 100, online check-in, free parking, free Wi-Fi.
  • FMM Hostel, a double room will cost EUR 55, and a triple room will cost 74 euros, online check-in, around the clock, no parking, free Wi-Fi.
  • Hotel Falken, a double room will cost EUR 125, breakfast is included, there is parking for an additional charge of EUR 6 per day, free Wi-Fi, check-in until 20:30.
  • JG City Hotel Memmingen, a double room will cost EUR 95, online check-in, around the clock, there is parking for an additional fee, free Wi-Fi, 4 km from the airport.

You can familiarize yourself with all hotels in Memmingen here, or check out our overview of the top-rated hotels from travelers.


Events for which you need to come to Memmingen.

  • Wallenstein (Wallenstein Festival) is Europe’s largest historical festival and has existed since 1980, in which nearly 4500 citizens in historical costumes reproduce for a week how Wallenstein camped in the city for several weeks in 1630. It takes place in July, the exact dates should be tracked on the festival website. For 2022, they plan to give 24.07 – 31.07.2022.


  • Fischertag (Fisherman’s Day) is the traditional festival of the city of Memmingen. The city stream is cleaned for drainage and purification, and among the nearly 1200 fishermen the “king-fisherman” is identified. Every year from 30 to 40 thousand people come to the festival as participants or spectators. Held in July before the Wallenstein Festival.


  • In May, the flower festival takes place, the city center turns into a sea of flowers with exhibitions and kiosks of florists, gardeners and farmers. And before the summer holidays – the traditional children’s holiday Stengele, a tradition of holding this holiday for over 400 years. Joint divine services, round dances and singing in the square, creative contests, awards for the best students take place, even foreign groups take part here.


  • In the churches of St. Martin and St. Joseph take place organ concerts

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Conclusion about Memmingen.

Transport links are very well developed in Memmingen. Low-cost airlines fly here, not a big airport, fast control. From here you can quickly and cheaply get to the cities of Germany, such as Munich, Fussen, Shangau, where the well-known Neuschwanstein Castle and other cities of Bavaria are located. From Memmingen a stone’s throw to Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, no borders, rent a car that’s all. And against this background, the city of Memmingen itself is beautiful and worthy of attention, and here you can also eat and drink German beer. Have fun at different festivals with a long history.

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Very lovely city. I stayed there several times and hope to return
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I completely agree with you. We also hope to come here again
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thanks. writes what topic interests you and I will write about it) also don't miss the review "Memmingen hotels, the best according to the reviews of tourists."

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