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Stockholm. Stockholms tunnelbana

14.12.2019 156

TOP 10 stations of the Stockholm metro.

Sweden, Stockholm Metro has 100 stations, of which 47 are underground and 53 are located on the ground. It consists of 7 lines, which are grouped by color; green, red and blue.

All metro lines intersect at T-centralen station, which is connected to the central train station and bus station via a pedestrian crossing, which is very convenient.


The first line was opened in 1950 and connected Slussen and Hökarängen stations. The second line was opened in 1952 and in 1957 the two lines were merged into a green group. In 1964, a red group of stations was opened. The last blue band was opened in 1975. Skarpnäck’s youngest metro station (green line) was opened in 1994.

It would be fair to start with a kind of Stockholm Metro hub like T-Centrale, which combines all three colors of metro lines. But it has a transition to the suburban railway station of Stockholm City.
Let’s start with her.


T-Centralen – blue line station, served by routes T10 and T11. At the station, the painting is dedicated to the builders of the subway.


Kungsträdgården, the name of the station translated from Swedish “Royal Garden”. This is the final station of lines 10 and 11, the last after the T-Centrale stop. Above the metro station is a park of the same name. In colloquial language it is known as Kungsan.


We continue to go along the blue line, but in the opposite direction. We pass T-Centrale station and get off at Fridhemsplan station. Here you can change to the green line. Between T-Centrale and Fridhemsplan you can also visit Radhuset (Royal House) station, which is a transit station, so we didn’t leave.

Solna centrum

Solna centrum one of the coolest stations of the Stockholm Metro, located below the eponymous shopping center Solna, near the Rasunda Stadium. The walls of the station are painted in red and green and painted with drawings and miniatures from life on social issues and the environment.


Hallonbergen, first impression when you see the station, which was painted by children, but not surprisingly the station was painted by adult uncles (Elis Eriksson (1975) and Gosta Wallmark (1982)). They took their childhood drawings as a basis.

Vastra skogen

Vastra skogen, the station has the longest escalator in Sweden, 66 meters long.


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Thorildsplan, station of the green line T17, T18, T19. The open-air station of the Stockholm Metro is lined with multicolored tiles depicting pixels, based on video games Pac-Man, Super Mario, Space Invaders.
From the blue line you can get from Fridhemsplan or T-Centralen station, go to the green metro line and go east.


Stadion, this is the first station of the red line, which can also be reached from the central station T-Centralen. The station is next to the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, which was designed and built specifically for the 1912 Olympic Games.

Tekniska högskolan

Tekniska högskolan, the station is located near the Royal Institute of Technology. Decoration of the metro station – the laws of nature.


Universitetet, as you can guess, the name of the station comes from the nearby Swedish State University. By the way, there are about 70 different faculties and centers in the field of humanities and social sciences.

The TOP 10 stations of the Stockholm metro came out. And these are just the ones we managed to see. Although there are other stations that are worth noting, maybe you will make your top from completely different stations. Write in the comments which stations of the Stockholm metro have been or liked more.

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